Enable or Disable Right Click Context Menus in Windows Explorer

It has been noticed that the right click context menus have received some of the negative criticism only when it is not properly utilized. The main reason is that the features which are needed in order to run the particular application or to carry out the programme, they are only present in the context menus. This aspect makes the users to get puzzle. Now it has become highly maddening for the users.

As we know that the context menus gets open under the set spot of the pointer. But whenever the pointer gets closer to the edge of the computer, the menu gets lost. So this makes an exhausting effort for the user.

To enable or disable this feature, users have to do a manual registry hack to proceed which is quite and rather simple. Firstly, in the start menu, you just have to type in regedit.exe and than by browsing the key to the following address bar: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplorer. After this, user has to generate a new-fangled 32-bit DWORD value on the very right hand side named by NoViewContextMenu. A pop-up box will show up on the screen. If the user wants to enable the right click context menus then he / she should present this word a value of 0. And if the user wants to disable it, then a value of 1 should be presented. Change will be immediate and very abrupt. After exiting from the registry, user must restart the system in order to notice that whether the scheme works or not.

Same is the process goes for the local machine. The user has to follow the exact steps mentioned above except the only difference is the address bar. Following address should be followed to activate or deactivate this feature: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Both the current user and the local machine must re-boot the system to observe the result.

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