Enable Pin to Start Menu for Folders in Windows Vista / XP

“Pin to Start Menu” is a very smart way in which a user can add his favorite shortcuts and programs on the start menu for easy access. This feature reduces the time and energy a user has to spend to look for the shortcut or program. Sadly, this option is not possible when it comes to folders.

There can be many reasons why a user would want to get easy access to a folder, for example their might be something important in the folder that the user wants to look again and again at. One answer to this is that the user can make a shortcut on the desktop but this causes the desktop to become overcrowded. Hence it would be very useful if one can pin a folder to the start menu.

In order to enable “pin to start menu” for folders you need to open up the run box and enter “regedit” in it. Click yes if you are prompted by the windows. From there you will double click on HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. This option will open up a long list so you need to scroll down and select folder. From here you need to select shellex and then ContextMenuHandlers. Now you will need to right click on the pane and then add a new key, naming it with the string including the bracket. Now you can close the registry editor.

From here you can go to any folder which you want to add or “pin” to the start menu. Select the folder and press the Shift key and then right click on it. Here you will be able to see the “pin to start menu” option appear. Just click it and your folder will be pinned to the start menu just like any other program or shortcut.

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