Enable Quick Search in Folders on Windows Vista

Here comes an exciting new feature of windows vista. It allows and permits its users to locate the folder or file in a very short time without putting a lot of effort. Before the arrival of this element. It was highly exhausting and tiring for the users to go through each and every folder.

By activating it, the system will immediately and without any delay show up all the identical and similar files and folders on the screen. When the user type the particular folder into the search box, first few alphabets of the files and other folders that the user wants will automatically and involuntarily show up on resulting record and lists.

Firstly, in any folder, user has to pick up the option the Organize and then from the menu chooses Folder and Search Options. Then in the screen of the folder options, make a choice of View tab. Finally, at the very right of the bottom, move to the Advanced settings box. The user will instantaneously see emerging this option “Automatically type into the Search Box”. The change will be immediate. By clicking OK, user will has the facility to search and explore any kind of folder by just typing. Suppose the user type calc.exe and at the same time he is working in Windows system32 folder, if your feature is enabled then that particular folder will straight away gets open.

Whenever this feature is enabled, then all typing will be made into the search box in order to locate and find the particular matching files and folders for the user. And if this feature is disabled then user has to search on its own to have its desired file or folder or the user with the help of search box can get some assistance, which is in short highly tiring!

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