Enable Quick Search in Folders on Windows Vista

In this article we will discuss some of the features of the windows vista. As we are talking of the windows vista it obvious that this windows is little bit of tricky and the user requires a lot of effort in order to search all the features of the windows vista. Because of its complexity it is very difficult to find the desired thing in less time. There are not such many features of this window that requires the proper searching, especially in the searching of the files and folders. When we are searching something in a folder or file which is of less size or memory, it becomes easier to find the result. But it is quite difficult to find the things in a folder which is of huge size or contain large amount of data.

Let see what is the problem in finding something from the folder containing large amount of data? When we type any thing in the search box of the windows vista by opening the start menu, it searches the typed thing from all the computer memory rather than from the specific file and folder. This method is very complex, it is better to use the quick search. For this purpose open the folder in which you want to search and select the organize option of the folder, after that select the folder and search option from it. In this menu select the view tab and then scroll down in the menu in the search of “automatically typed in the search box” and then click”ok”.

By this you can be able to search exactly the desired thing by just typing in the search box. This process is called quick search.

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