Enable Run Command on Windows 7 or Vista Start Menu

The Run Command is a special command in Microsoft Windows operating systems, which is used to directly open a document or application whose path is unknown. It was first introduced in Windows 95 and continues to be one of the most used commands in Windows. It is accessible through the Start menu and also by pressing (Windows key + R).

The Run command is still there in Windows Vista but it is not accessible from the start menu by default. There is a new search box which works by giving results of the keywords that you have entered there but it doesn’t saves your search queries like the old Run command used to do. You can always go to the Run command by using the shortcut but if you want to enable the Run command in the Start menu you can do the following.

You will first need to right- click on the Start menu. This will open up some options. You will need to select the down-most option of Properties to proceed further. Once you have clicked on Properties you will see a window open which will have three tabs namely taskbar, start menu and toolbar. You will need to go into the Start menu tab. Here you will see an option by the name of customize on the top right. You will click it and another Window will open. Here you will see a list of checkboxes and options.

From here you will go to the ensuing dialog window and from there you will be taken to the customize Start Menu screen. Here you will need to check the Run command in the checkboxes and this would do the trick.  Now whenever you will open up the start menu you will be able to see the Run command on the bottom right of the menu.

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