Ever Wonder What Temperature Your CPU is running At

There are many applications that you can adopt to monitor the temperature of your CPU. The most preferred one is Core Temp because it’s incredibly lightweight, but if you want some power information you can use Speed Fan instead.

Using Core Temp

After you are done with downloading and executing the application, it will minimize to your taskbar on the desktop:
If you to keep this application minimized every time then you will have to change the settings of this application. Go to the properties and select the option of “Minimize”.

I recommend thee users to change the read interval from the default of 1000 to the max of 9999. Otherwise it will not be possible for you to read the temperature as it will just give a blink and change.

Using Speed Fan for Advance Users

If you want to know about each and every information concerning your CPU then you can download the Speed Fan application that even lets you control the CPU fan and other tasks. This application should only be used by more advanced users, since you have to enter information about your motherboard, chipset and other CPU components

Monitor temperatures.

Have you ever wonder that what is the temperature inside your computer case? Motherboard Monitor is a free program that connects to a sensor chip on your motherboard to monitor temperatures, fan speeds, and more. This utility is highly configurable; for example, it can display the system temperature in the Taskbar. You can even configure Motherboard Monitor so it sends you a warning e-mail if your system exceeds safe temperatures. This is an invaluable tool for over lockers.

NOTE:  if you are going to open the case of your system then be very careful about that. The electric supply must be switched off. Or it may cause harm by giving an electric discharge

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