Find Files within a Date Range with Windows Vista Search

Method 1:

Search File by Date Range with Keyboard

Write the following syntax if you are using keyboard in the search box in any kind of folder:
Modified: 02/01/2010
It can also be written ‘Date created’ instead of ‘modified’, or just ‘date’.
You can also use the following keyword to search files date wise.
Name: xls modified:04/01/2009..04/01/2009
It’s very helpful when you get familiar to it.

To select date range with mouse

If you do not use the keyboard a lot then again you can use ‘Advanced search’ by using the F3 key with an Explorer window open
Then alter the Date drop-down to ‘Date Modified’ and then ‘is’, then the date range box will open. When the date range box opens then select the initial date you want the files of and drag it to the final date of which you want to see the files. You can even click on the month to select the whole month, or even select multiple months.

Method 2:

Once you have Windows Search for Windows Vista or Windows XP, you might be wondering how you can be even more efficient when it comes to finding files and e-mail on your PC. Advanced Query Syntax can help you do just that. Using AQS, you can quickly define and narrow your searches for even more targeted results.
You can make your searches narrow using a different keywords, or search parameters, which can keep your query to specific locations, specific file types or properties within those types, or specific "file kinds." File kinds are displayed at the top of the Windows Search Explorer, accessible by pressing the Windows Logo key + F.
To match a specific string literally, without it being interpreted as a keyword, you can use double quotation marks. Words in a search query entered between quotation marks are matched exactly, in the order they were entered.

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