First Look at Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

Microsoft has released the second beta of Internet Explorer after a very long time and it has features newer, better, faster and smarter than the previous one. Beta 2 has private browsing, tab grouping and a new smart address bar; everybody should just try it out and share with their friends.

Installing Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 is new but very simple and easy. During the initial installation it offers the option to get the latest updates. After the Installation is complete restart your computer so that the settings will take effect.

IE helps to discover websites by suggesting them. Normally someone would not want this feature, so you can always turn off the suggested sites at any time.
Accelerator Providers work with selected text on a webpage to perform different tasks such as looking up word definitions or get directions on a map to a street address.

Smart Screen will protect you from fishing attempts and other scams.
Finally, choosing to let IE be your default browser, its up to you.

New Features.

Many features are enabled in IE 8 by default such as Developer Tools.
Address Bar tries to guess what site you want to visit based on past history.  Only 5 history entries will be shown.  If you want to see more just click on the expand arrow near the bottom.

Tabbed Browsing If you right-click on a tab… now you can Duplicate tabs or even re-open the last opened tab, features that required an add-on before. It has Quick Tabs button too which can be used if you have multiple tabs open and need to access a certain page quickly. If the browser happens to crash you can get the last session back with all the open tabs.

Searching has improved a bit as well… here is a list of the different providers you can add.  Even though you have one of the providers as default you can still add as few or as many as you want.

Private Browsing is an improvement in which there are two tools that allow better security and private browsing.  InPrivate can be turned on from the Tools menu.  This feature basically allows you to surf the web and none of your tracks (cookies, temp files, history, etc) will be saved.


This version of Internet Explorer is miles ahead of any previous version of IE and it is actually able to compete in features with the default Firefox.
If you are an early adopter, it's well worth trying out… but there are a few compatibility issues still, so if you depend on IE for your work you might want to wait a short while for the final release.

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