Fix for New Contact Group Button Not Displaying in Vista

As the Vista operating is new and the users are having many minute problems regarding different matters with respect to it. A problem that is very common now days and a lot of people are facing it. The New Contact Group button is not been shown not shown into Vista Contacts folder.

Do have noticed how the button is completely missing from the toolbar.

To change the folder and eliminate the problem so that Windows Vista realizes that it is a contacts folder not something else, just do a right-click anywhere in the folder, and then choose the option Customize This Folder from the menu.

Now when the customize tab opens then change the option “Use this folder type as a template” to Contacts instead of  the previous one “Pictures”, or whatever it was set to previously.

Now when you will look at your Contacts folder, you will see the New Contact Group button as well as the other relevant buttons in the window.

According to me there should really be some better way to define the folder type instead of this.

When you open the Windows Contacts folder, there is a possibility of following buttons to be missing from the Command Bar:

Missing Buttons:
New Contact
New Contact Group

This problem happens if the folder type template for the Contacts folder is incorrectly defined. You can follow these steps to fix the problem easily and the right way:
Open the contact folder

Right-click an empty area in the folder, and choose the option Customize This Folder…
In the option of folder type drop down box,  then select Contacts

Then Click OK to proceed

The missing buttons will be restored Command bar and here you are done. Your problem is solved.

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