Fix for When Clock, Volume, Power or Network Icons are missing and Grayed Out in Windows Vista

While using Vista suddenly you have noticed that the icons on the taskbar like the volume, clock and power have gone and are not present and if you have tried to remove this problem but unable to do this because the checkboxes are grayed out and now you are thinking about what to do. Does not worry the problem can be solved?

This problem has existed just because of the policies that the makers of the product have made. The policies are not that much good to solve every thing.

The simplest solution to the problem is that open the properties of the taskbar and re enable the icons by going in the “Notification” area.

This is of no use because they are grayed out and cannot be checked.

Fix for Notification Icons are Missing and Checkboxes are Grayed Out

There is one other way to sort out this problem go to the registry and then select those keys that are not required they may be large in number. Just do one thing delete those selected keys.

Open registry from the search box and write the following key.


Delete the key is it is below:

•    No Tray Items Display
•    Hide Clock
•    Hide SCA Power
•    Hide SCA Volume
•    No Auto Tray Notify
•    Hide SCA Network

Repeat the same process to eliminate the whole problem.


Restart your system and then go back into task bar properties and re-check the boxes.

What if the Volume Icon Still Doesn’t Work?

If this problem exists then immediately open Device Manager and make sure that there are no exclamation points next to your sound card, because the problem is due to that your sound card driver isn’t working.

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