Fixing Event Viewer cannot open the event log When Viewing System Logs

While facing any problem of Windows, when we try to troubleshoot it, we usually go for System logs or the Event viewer. There we can find almost all the information regarding that problem. Now if your event viewer is not working and you cant access your system logs then?

Usually the full form of the text of that error is “Event Viewer cannot open the event log or custom view. Verify that Event Log service is running. The data is invalid (13)” Your application and security logs may just work fine but you cant sort out the problem that why it is not working or how you are going to solve it, meanwhile restarting the Event Viewer or rebooting your system also wont help.

All you have to do is to simply clear your system logs and then you can save them in a file which is running currently and as the logs are clear now you can monitor all the future events in it.

How to clear the System log

When you open the application of Computer Management and select the option of Event Viewer and look for the system logs it will give you the error stated above. Now as you can see under the heading of Windows logs there are some options and when you right click any of them like we are facing problems regarding system logs so when we will right click the System the menu will show us an option of Clear Log… Then it will ask you to verify your action and you will click Save and Clear.

After clicking save and clear as explained above you have to save your previous logs in to a file with a format of .evtx. Now you cannot open this format file in the Event Viewer but you can access this information in any text editor.

When you have saved the file, your logs will be clear and now you can view your all future logs and events.

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