Fixing Firefox Scrolling Problems with Dell Synaptics Touchpad

Using touchpad for a new dell user can be a problem but someone using it for a long time and then try a new latest dell synaptic can face a small problem that its touchpad don’t scroll in Firefox.

People who are accustomed to firefox and use it regularly are mostly affected by this problem. It affects the serious workflow and troubles the user we can’t use an external mouse all the time. Now we are going to try to find a fix and we came to know that the Circular Scrolling feature was breaking in Firefox, and simply wasn’t scrolling at all and now we are going to disable it.

This problem can happen in Windows 7 or Windows Vista too because both have same features and drivers for the touchpad.

In the solution, we will open the Control Panel and go for the Mouse properties option, if you can’t find it then just type mouse into the start menu search box. In that window first tab is of Dell Touchpad, and there is an option saying Click to change Dell Touchpad settings. A new page will open and there are also some options there but we have scrolling problem so we are going to select Scrolling Settings. When we see the heading saying Scrolling, there are two options under it, Enable and Enable Circular Scrolling. Now as we know that the Circular Scrolling was preventing us to scroll in Firefox, so all we are going to do is just uncheck the Circular Scrolling option and we are good to go. Press Apply button and open your firefox and see the results

There is an alternate solution too. First we can uninstall the Dell touchpad drivers and download generic synaptic ones from Synaptics web site. They work better for a lot of people but they are missing some of the extra Dell features. So as long as your touchpad is doing what you command, it could be worth it.

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