Generate a List of Installed Drivers from the Command Line

There are many methods to generate a list of installed drivers in your computer system. In this article we discuss another method to generate the list of installed drivers with the help of the utility. If this utility is not installed in your computer then you can able to view the list of installed drivers through Driverview. When you have this utility then you can be able to view the list of drivers with the command line utility. This command line utility is bundled with the windows Xp or windows vista.

This utility is also very useful because of a computer feels comfort by using the command prompt, then you can exactly and quick access to the desire driver which you are searching for. When you run the command without the parameters then you will get the default output. But for the exact and confirm output you should have to use the /v parameter, to get the verbose output you can use this parameter.

And when you need to display the list the drivers in the specific order rather than the default format then you have to use the switch name as /FO. For the desired results you should not miss the slash in the format of switches and parameter. You can also use the list of parameters and the switches together for the list of specified drivers installed in your computer. And the result of the use of combine parameters and switches is same as the separate use of them.

If your are command line user then and you are very much know about the high level of command line the you can also get the desired list of installed drivers in the form of a file, and  you should use the specified format for this.

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