Get the Beryl/Ubuntu Desktop Cube Effect for Windows

This article will describe you about the feature comparison between the Beryl (an operating system) and windows vista or windows Xp in your computer. The most attractive feature which every user like the most about the Beryl is the cube effect of the desktop. This looks very attractive and available only on the beryl operating system which rubs under the Linux operating system.

In order to get this feature in your windows vista or Xp, you should install an application in your computer. This utility surely gives you the substitute of the desktop cube view in your windows vista and Xp/ and this utility is named as Yod’m 3D.You just have to install this application in your computer and it will give you the 3D effect in your desktop wallpaper or any background of your computer’s operating system.

With the help of using this application you can also the background of the desktop, in which the 3 dimensional effects are shown in front of you. And if you want to change each of the desktop background, every time when you open the new window, then you can also change every background of each window you can open of your own choice.

When you set the desktop background of every new window, then its transition is little bit slow as compared to the same background wallpaper because every time when you open a new windows then the new wallpaper for the particular window is loaded and that takes a little bit of time and slower as well, but this delayed is time is bearable for the user. The most useful advantage of this application is that each when you open a new window or shifts from one window to another it gives you the nice and colourful effect each time.

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