Getting Started with SMPlayer on Windows (to play movies better)

Here comes an interesting feature for the entire users! It has been noticed that SMPlayer always gets unobserved and ignored but it contains some remarkable and incredible features. It contains all the necessary and essential settings required for the movie. If the user wants to start a movie where he / she end it, it can easily do that without any disturbance and disorder.

To download SMPlayer is quite trouble-free and convenient for the users. But there is a drawback while downloading this feature that a pile of non-compulsory codecs also comes along with this feature, which is totally useless for the users. There is only one hazard that the users will see when they are going to activate it that the certain amounts of hard drive space gets decrease on their particular systems.

Users need to select particular setting options so that SMPlayer can work efficiently and effectively. Firstly, user has to click on the Options menu then enters the desired drive letter of their CD / DVD drive. This step will eliminate all the other CD / DVD drives and will run only single player that the user wants. Lastly, on the very left side, clicking on the Interface item and afterwards on the Instances tab, user has to select the box named as “Use only one running instance of SMPlayer”. When it gets check, all other players running on the system get de-activated. By activating these settings, movies are going to be better played and also codecs do not harm the player, even if they get installed.

Hence, it is a high speed and quick element for the windows. If the users are tired and exhausted by using their existing movie players, they can easily switch to SMPlayer by at least giving it a chance and opportunity to showcase its outstanding and exceptional characteristics.

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