GFI Backup Home Edition is a Free Data Backup Utility for Windows

Today in the world which is now called as the “Global village” data which is important to you are precisions. No one wants to lose the important data so that some use the costly software to make their backups.

Microsoft gives this facility with the suite of their windows vista the software name is “GFI backup”. It is very good and efficient software and one can easy believe on it.

How to install and use “GFI” backup software:

Installing procedure of this software is easy one user just following the simple procedure and save this on their hard drives, it will not take so much space on the hard drive.

Then open this, user will see the four main categories which this software will offers to the user. One of the categories is the back click on it and then start doing the settings of making the backups.

Select the general tab from the new window which appears after clicking on the backup in the GFI software. Then give the appropriate information in the related boxes such as give the name of the backup and then enter your email address where you receive the notifications. Then click on next and select the files for those you want the backup. And then give the address of those file in the select box below in this windows. Then select the “options” tab and change the settings of compressions and the backup if you made any before using this software. May possible it ask you that if you want to convert those backups on this software. Then select the time after which you want that this software automatically updates and check your backups. Your backup has been made now you can relax and can think that your data is in safe hands.

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