Great Expose Clone for Windows Vista

This is the world of good looking things and the all companies which are producing the level best of operating system and now adding the “GUI” stands for graphical user interface. The operating system with good looking interface will work more for the companies in making the revenue.

Styles of appearing the currently running programs matters a lot in the term of “GUI” Graphical user interface. Styles of appearing the currently running programs also give a lot of facilities to the user in switching between the programs.

Changing the style of switcher in the windows vista:

The switcher is the term use for switching the programs while using those on the computer. The styles of the switchers can be downloaded through the internet or easily available in the market in the form of cds and dvds.

Go to the switcher box then click on the style you want to adopt for yourself then check the radio button against which is written that the “remember the last run program”. After that, select the side of the screen; where the switcher is available on the screen. User can select any side of the screen for that purpose but mostly will recommend the upper or the lower side of the screen for that purpose. Users can also see the demo of the switcher which they enable for their machine and after that they can take better decisions. After that click on the hide button; user can see the small screen type window which is available on the screen which shows that what is going on in that program currently and if the users click on it the switcher takes the user to that program.

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