Guide to Using Check Disk in Windows Vista

Sometimes the hard drive of the machine face some problems due to that the user faces troubles this may be happens due to the occurrence of the bad sector on the hard disk or any other thing. To remove those bad sectors one can run the antivirus software.

To avoid these types of situations one should run the check disk of the drive after sometimes so that you can know the present situation of the drive. This is easy task which can do for the better efficiency of their machine.

Step which runs the check disk of the drive:

Following are the step which run the check disk of the drive and tell the user the current report of the drive, which is comprised on the how many bad sectors are there.

Go to the “my computer” windows and then right click the drive for which you want to run the check disk. After clicking you will some options select the “properties” option from those options. Select the “tool” tab from the seven tabs which will be appear on the top of the properties option of that drive. Here user sees the button on which is written “check now”. This check now basically refers to the run check disk of the drive. Then check both of the options which will appear after clicking on the “check now” option. These options mean that the check disk will automatically fix the problems which will appear between their processing. The check disk will also recover the data if any bad sector is there in the hard disk. Then click on the start button. Just after clicking on the start button you will see the message on the screen that is “computer cannot run the check disk of currently open drive”. So click on the “schedule run button so that the procedure of the check disk will start.

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