Help Prevent Carpal Tunnel Problems with Workrave

Sometimes users use the computer for the longs hours without any break. So due to the continuous working by the machine the machine get heat up and its efficiency rate and the speed of the processing goes below its abilities. One must have the break while working on the machine so that the machine will also take rest and after that break user observe that its speed of working is also increases.

If the user wants that anyone remind him/her that it the break time; then there is the software name workrave. It reminds the user that it the time of break and also freezes the going on programs on the machine so that its processor gets speed up after the interval.

Installing procedure is very simple one. Just enter the CD from which you want to install it and then follow the wizard. Installing wizard is simple it will ask you where user want to save this workrave software and then it take some time mean while it install on your machine and then allow you to work with it.

In this software user can set two breaks one is small one and the other is long one. For both of the break user can enter the time limit and also determine the time period interval after that those break are launched. Like user can enter that he/she wants to take the break after the 20 min and break should not be more than the 20 sec then after the 20 minute this software reminds you that it the time for the short break and in this short break it freeze all the programs which were running and after the break it re enable those again. Like this user can also time the long breaks for the long interval and the procedure of reminding and the freezing of the programs remains same for the long intervals.

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