Help Protect Your Children with Windows Live Family Safety Filter

In the today`s world internet is easily assessable to everyone of us. On the internet some websites are those which one should not want that his or her child should see them. On the one hand we all want that our young one should know all the skills of the computer science but on the we feel fear that on surfing on net our young ones might access those place which we does not want.

Windows live which is the project of the hotmail gives the facility to block the websites for yours children which you want that they don`t access.

Step of blocking the webs by windows Live:

To block the webs; log on to the account of hotmail or live through live messenger. If you don’t have live account then makes it first. The from the setting tab select the “widows live family safety filter” then from that window on the setting for the family filter which secure your children to go to that sites which you does not allow them. After on it or of it live account will generate the notification for you. Then it will take you to the windows from which you can change the setting and select the types of the websites which you do not allow to your children in the future. There are two types of websites are mentioned one is “children friendly” and other is “adult contents” but there is one more option that is custom.

From custom setting user can select the types of websites which he/she/ does not want that their children should go over there. Then select the accounts on which you want to block those websites. This is the simple procedure that will save your children from spoil

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