Help Troubleshoot the Blue Screen of Death by Preventing Automatic Reboot

Sometimes we see that if any trouble happens in the system it automatically turn of and restart again after some interval. The process of restarting after the troubleshoot will happen is so fast that one cannot image it. Even if you that how to fix that error you cannot because the it restart the machine in the micro seconds.

There is the system that after the trouble is there you machine should not restart till you manually don`t do that. This procedure is simple one even every one can do that. This is the procedure in which we just turn off the setting of the “automatically restart” the machine.

Steps of turning off the setting of the restart option:

Go to the “my computer” icon and right click on it by mouse to enable the options. Select the “advanced setting properties” or select the “properties” if you select the properties then select the tabbed named “advanced” otherwise if select the “advanced setting properties” then you are automatically in that tab.

From the window of advance properties select the “startup and recovery” settings. It will take to another windows from you can select the time of displaying the operational settings. And you can also disable the setting of automatically restarting procedure of the machine after the trouble is there. Just uncheck the “automatically restart” setting and click on the ok button. Next time whenever there is the error you will face the blue windows of the computer. By doing this you can fix the problem manually if you know how fix that.


The above written procedure may work on the latest windows like window vista or window 7.

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