Help Troubleshoot the Blue Screen of Death with Blue Screen View

The blue screen is that window which will appear when there is a troubleshot takes place. It will show the error and shut down the system automatically to solve the matter. Blue screen appear in the windows vista, XP and window 7. It helps those users who are beginners or not the expert in fixing the errors. So that the blue screen allow those user to feel free while working on computer. Blue screen save the data from the damage and restart the machine in the micro second.

There is one disadvantage which is that this blue screen never allows the user to understand the problem and fix it manually even the user knows that. User can set the setting that this blue screen will stay for long after it finds the bug.

Step involving in setting the blue screen:

First go to the c drive or that drive in which the window is stored. Then go to the windows folder and search the minidump folder. Enter in that folder and double click on crashed file. You will see the lot of files over there. These files are arranged according to the crash of drives. Select the file which you want to see that why it is crashed. Here in the information box you will see that which drive cause the crash of that file. Then press F7 to enable the settings of “only drives found in stack” then again go back to the files placed in minidumps and right click over there and choose the HTML view. You will see the same blue box which appears last time before restarting the machine. The go to the setting and find the setting about time and then uncheck the box against which is written “time string”. By un checking it; it will appear for the long time whenever it appear later.

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