Hidden Trick to Close Windows Explorer in Windows 7 or Vista

Windows 7 or vista has devised a new way in order to close windows explorer. Most of the users eradicate and destroy the explorer.exe process. But now methods have now been introduced which correctly shut down all the processes of windows explorer and do not harm the settings at all!

Here comes a very reliable method in order to close windows explorer in windows 7 or vista. Firstly, user has to open the Start menu. Afterwards grasp the key down to Ctrl and Shift; both keys should be pressed at the same time. Then on the desktop, user just right clicks in a vacant and blank area and will see that a new choice and alternative emerge on the screen named by “Exit Explorer”. Finally, user will notice that the task bar is going to vanish and fade away and if the user next time going to open any folder of windows, the action will fail to pay any attention to the windows explorer.

There is another Classic Close Explorer Method to close windows explorer. User has to type Ctrl+Shift+Esc so that the task manager fades away. Then on explorer.exe he / she have to right click and should go for the option End Process. Result will be instant and immediate. In order to restart the explorer, user has to press Ctrl+Shift+Esc so that the task manager gets back to its position. Finally, user should go to File Run and type in explorer to carry out the further proceedings. In this way, windows explorer returns!

The real advantage and profit to use these schemes is that the settings of tool bar and task bar will not be misplaced and vanished and also this practice correctly shut down this trait. User will surely not be facing any loss while carrying out this method.

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