Hide, Delete or Destroy the Recycle Bin Icon in Windows 7 or Vista

Most of the users are now noticing that the recycle bin icon on their desktops is of no use to them. It is completely needles and senseless. Users are in dire need to inactivate it permanently from their systems as soon as possible.

According to the users, this icon performs not an important part while they are working on their systems. But now very effective schemes are being introduced that can without difficulty hide or wipe out this icon.

To hide, delete or destroy the recycle bin icon in windows vista, there is a very simple way to get rid from it. User just has to right-click on the icon and then chooses the option to delete it from the desktop. This is quite and rather convenient for the users. For the users who are using windows 7 they can also do that in a most effortless way. Firstly, user has to Right-click on the desktop. After wards choosing the option Personalize, he / she then has to pick out the Desktop Icon settings that are located on the very left hand side on the screen. Finally, user just has to unmark or uncheck that particular box to end the function, result will be instant. And user will observe that the there will be no recycle bin icon in the windows.

Suppose the user wants the recycle bin icon to come up again in the desktop. They can do that by going to the Control Panel Personalize and then on the very left hand side pick out the link named by “Change Desktop Icons”. If he / she want the recycle bin icon to show up, then immediately check or mark the particular box and click the Apply button. Same process goes with the other icons. And users can cleanly hide or restore them on their systems without any difficulty.

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