Hide Desktop Icon Text on Windows 7 or Vista

It has now become highly irritating and irksome for the users that they need to get rid from their desktop icon text. Most of the icons in windows 7 or vista is clear and understandable and they do not any kind of explanation. In fact the details and description written beneath them does not make a good impression and gives an unattractive and ugly picture to the users.

In order to hide desktop icon text on windows 7 or vista, user has to first right click on the shortcut and then pick out the option Rename. Now on the very right side of the keyboard, user has to cling to the Alt key and then enter 255 on the keyboard to precede the action. Now for the primary and foremost shortcut on the desktop, simply type Alt+255 and the result will be instant and immediate. After that, for the second shortcut, user has to type the combination and amalgamation of (Alt+255, Alt+255) two times. In the same way, the process and scheme goes on and slowly and gradually result will be seen.

User must keep in mind while going through the process that the shortcut to the desktop file name cannot have any similar element in them.  So first shortcut should have one character in them. Second shortcut should have two characters in them and a same method goes with the remaining shortcuts.

Suppose the user wants to rename the folder located on the desktop. User just has to open a command prompt and then transform the directory into that particular folder. Finally, user has to run the following command in order to get the result. After typing this command: ren “Alt+255″ “NewFolderName”, user will get rid and free from their icon text and no text will surely be bothering or annoying them any more.

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