Hide Flashing Command Line and Batch File Windows on Startup

There are many way to access the utilities and the other things in the windows vista which are helpful. But many times it confuses the user that what he or she going to write by which their desired things should be access able.

One of the most easy and helpful way to access the data saved in the machine is command box which is appear in the startup box. Sometimes when the user is writing the command to access the data, it will gives the options which are similar so just similar like the commands. Here is the simple way by which user can hide the flashing commands.

Step of hiding the flashing command line:

First go to the dialog box of the startup menu and then write the “hstart” in that. Then computer will open the hidden start menu in which all the saved settings about the flashing commands are written. Here we have to change the setting in the no window folder but the change should be quoted with the drive so that should sound proof. So the changed settings should be saved in one drive and the other factory setting should be in the same place where it is before the changes.

So write this command in the dialog box of the startup menu “hstart/ no window /D=C: script mybatch.bat” this command will disable the flashing of the option related to the command writing by the current user.

Flashing of the command sometime is very useful, if any user forgot that how he or she access to the place or what should he or she should write to access that place flashing commands are useful.

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