How to add My Computer to your task bar

A taskbar basically is a bar which is displayed on the very edge of the desktop. It is a utility which is offered only by those operating systems which support the GUI (Graphic User Interface). The main task of this bar is to launch and monitor all the running applications. Some of the operating systems have more configurable taskbars others use different methods launching applications such as panels or docks.

Most of the people like to have quick access to different folders on their desktops, which means that they have to put some of them onto the taskbar if possible. You can add the Computer menus as folders on the taskbar for the most effortless access to your disk drives. This utility can be used for any folder of your choice.

Windows vista is a little complicated to handle then windows XP that is why people might have problems in adding there different programs on the task bar we would demonstrate an example in which we will see how you can add “My Computer” on the windows Vista task bar.

To add a folder to the task bar the first step would be to go to the task bar on the edge of your desktop and right click on it. Then a window will be opened for you choose the toolbar menu from it and then click on the new toolbars from it. As are result a browser will be opened now find a folder which you want to add to the taskbar in this case we will choose the “My Computer” folder so select the computer icon and click on the select folder icon. Now you may see the Computer folder right there on your taskbar. If you click the little arrows it will pop up and let you browse through all of your much wanted drives.

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