How to Capture Screen Shots with Windows Vista

In order to capture the current screen you are viewing, the Vista snipping tool needs to be installed. Once it has been installed it is a good practice to restart your computer.
Click on the Windows Vista Start Icon (pictured here) and in the search box where it says "start search" type over "Snipping Tool" the Windows Vista Snipping Tool should appear at the top of the programs search box.

Now, you need to click on the Snipping Tool link and the Snipping Tool will become noticeable in the middle of the screen.  Now click on options and then click on the display icon found in the Quick Launch Toolbar so it has a tick mark next to it. Click Ok, and then click the option that shows X in the top right corner.

If you want to capture a screen shot, simply locate the snipping tool on your windows quick launch toolbar then you might have to click on the >> symbol to see the snipping tool option then click on the snipping tool link. The cursor of your mouse will turn into a CROSS; use this cross to locate the area on the screen that you want to take a screen shot of click and release. Another window will pop up on the side with the capture area displaying. Then, click on the file and save as to save the captured copy to your system Choose .JPG or .GIF and save the copy to your hard drive. It's just as simple as that now you can use it for whatever purpose you need to.

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