How to create and use a password reset disk in windows vista and windows 7

It has now become highly irritating for the users that they do not remember their passwords and have to go through a long process to reset the password again.

The password reset disk is an interesting feature introduced by windows vista and 7. It is highly useful but the user should keep this reset disk in a safe location so that other users may not get the right to access the data.

In order to create and use a password reset disk in windows 7 and vista, user has to go through a simple process. Firstly, in the start menu, user has to open up the User Accounts by picking out the option from their User icon. After wards, on the very upper left-hand side they have to choose the link named by “Create a password reset disk”. After clicking, the system will be providing essential details and description about this feature. After reading the details choose next. Now user has to decide that which particular removable drive he / she wants to produce the password key on it. Before creating a new password, the system will ask the existing password from the user. Finally, user just has to save that drive in a secured location for the safety of data.

When the user is going to have the password reset disk, he can use it again and again to reset the password. As soon as the user enters the incorrect password, windows vista and 7 will immediately notify the user with a link named by “Reset password”. User should keep in mind that they must be having USB flash drive inserted when this alert comes up on the screen otherwise user will not be able to carry our the further proceedings. If the particular disk is inserted, user simply enters a new password. Result will be instant

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