How To Create Shortcut For Ccleaner

Cleanliness is very important whether it is of your own body or of your home or pet, it keeps every thing fresh and in good health and condition. Thus same is the situation in case of your personal computer if you keep it cleaned from different kinds of unwanted stuff then it will always perform well and better and will not get infected for a long period.

For the purpose of the cleanliness of your personal computer there is a very useful easy to access and most importantly freeware available which is built-in is the utility called "CCleaner". This particular program keeps your computer clean from all the unwanted stuff and thus the computer remains healthy and always in well performing state.

In order to access this particular utility we have to go to the recycle bin which usually people don’t like to keep visible on their desktop rather keep in some hidden place, on the recycle bin icon if you right click you will get a list of different options and for running "CCleaner" you click on to the run cleaner option which enables the utility and thus performs the job.

There is a better and easy way to access this utility that is to create a shortcut on the desktop or in start menu. This can be done by right clicking on to the desktop and then to click the new option where there will be the short cut option displayed in the respective list and thus this option is to be clicked. After opening the create shortcut window what we have to do is to just define the respective path and thus confirm it and then the rest of the job will be performed automatically by the computer itself and after that you will be having a shortcut to "Cleaner".

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