How To Create Shortcut For Deleting Recent Items

Windows has so many utilities which make our work easier, faster and reliable. There are about hundreds of utilities which perform various useful jobs out of which there Is one called "Recent Items" folder usually in the start menu which enables us to see and remind The items which we have recently opened. This is very useful but it has a limited space to show those items

Due to which sometimes some of the important items do not get to be in this folder and thus we are deprived of some important reminder. In order to refrain from such situation we have to delete those items from this list which we do not need to see anymore but sometimes this process becomes time taking.

Thus this problem can be eradicated by the creation of a shortcut a program which can automatically delete all these items; one thing is to be made clear that it does not delete these items permanently rather only from the list.

First of all we need to have a relevant program Downloaded from internet or anywhere and then we can create the shortcut by right clicking on desktop and from there we can go to "New" and then "Create Shortcut" option then it will allow us to create the shortcut by following a few instructions given there in the window. After this we can change the properties as well by right clicking on to the newly created icon and choose the properties option where We will see all the relevant options and thus we can make changes according to our desires. And we can change the icon as well according to our own choose. This utility is very useful and will be easily access able from now on if the shortcut has been created.

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