How To Create Shortcut For Turning The Monitor Off

Many times while we are working we get extremely tired and we want to have some break which relieves our bodyAs well as minds. Same is the case with the computers and the different parts of computer. If suppose someone has beenWorking on a computer for a very long time and now the monitor of the computer is getting warm as it usually happens.

When people work for a very long time on the computer and make things go extremely exhausted. in such a situation the monitor has to be  Turned off as it needs some rest for a while otherwise continuous working even in such a situation will make the monitor to get worn out and this will consequently be a big loss for the user. As we all know that there is a power button on every  Monitor with whom we can turn it on or off, but in some situation is seems really tedious and not pleasant to approach the button especially If someone had been working for a long time it will be helpful.

In order to refrain from such situation we can create a shortcut of a utility which is normally. It is Built-in in some computers. This can be done by going to "New" option after getting list on desktop by right clicking  And then going to "Create Shortcut" option and in the window just opened we just have to define the path of the utility and after confirming it

 The rest of the job will be done automatically. After this we can alter the properties of this utility as well if we go to the properties option by right clicking the icon of the respective utility.

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