How To Create Shortcut For Windows Clipboard

Microsoft windows has made our daily life jobs regarding information technology made so easy that we can accomplish our tasks very easily and thus can be very relaxed and satisfied because of the quality of the work done with the help of the programs  present in Microsoft Windows. There are hundreds of programs and utilities present in Microsoft windows about which so many people don’t even know, and these utilities can be extremely useful in terms of the performance and quality of the work being done by the user.

Out of the wonderful programs and interactive features of Microsoft Windows there is a utility present called "Windows Clipboard", this utility is also extremely useful for  the users of Windows as it can help a lot for completing jobs easily. In this utility called the clipboard we can save many useful files temporarily and can copy these from here to anywhere else where desired. As this utility is not easily accessible so some time the users can face many problems which is not healthy for their job and their profession

In order to refrain from such a situation what we can do is that we can create a shortcut for this utility anywhere we want can thus easily access this utility any time we want. The process of creating the shortcut is very simple, first of all we have to press right clicks on the desktop and there we can see the option of "New" in the displayed list. After clicking it we can see another list in which there will be the option with the name "Shortcut" and after clicking this we will get a window in which we can see a box where we have to write in the address of clipboard program and then we have to just confirm it and the rest of the job will be done by the program itself. After this we can assign our desired icon to this program as well.

And we can also do any changes to the properties of this program as well by simply going to the properties window.

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