How to create shortcut to email a recipient directly from your desktop

There are times when you are doing work on your computer and you are really busy. If this work requires long hours then definitely you need to be efficient and fast at your work so that you get the job done in time and at the same time you need to be careful about the kind of work you are doing that it should be well organized and quality wise the best.

What if suddenly you need to tell your friend or relative something really important about your work immediately or something which you want to know regarding your work from a relevant person and that person is constantly in contact with you. In order to do this you would first go to the browser and then open the port from where you send emails and finally you get your job done, definitely this will take some time. In order to save time what you can do is create a shortcut at your desktop so that you get to email the desired person with just a single click.

All you need to do is to follow a small number of steps which are simply easy. First you should go to your desktop over there right click anywhere and then you will get a list of options and over there you can click the new option. After this you get another list where you can click the shortcut option. After clicking this a window will be opened and there you will have to just write in some words in the address box given. You have to write over there: “”  after this you will just have to give a name to your shortcut and thus the job will be done automatically by the computer and after this you can also assign your desired icon to it.

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