How to create shortcut to mute system volume in Windows

Technology and the evident of latest gadgets and software’s have made life easier than ever before and still more is to come and hit the lives of human beings. As we all know that there are much software’s installed in our PCs we own and use for so many useful purposes. When we buy a computer we get to have so many software’s and interactive featured stuff already installed in our computer but most of the home users usually don't know about the big number of extra tools present in their computer and hence they are deprived of so many information which can be even more helpful for daily life activities.

Now there is a very interesting feature present in computer called the "shortcut" with which we can create shortcuts for so many things that we needed to access at times as early as possible but unfortunately due to long paths we are not able to access at that time and we face problems and fell really bad. Now if suppose someone is working on his/her personal computer and at the same time listening to some favorite music and suddenly there has an emergency occurred due to which the sound of the music has to be lowered down immediately but unfortunately the path is long and time taking thus this situation

Creates a lot of mess and becomes problematic. In order to refrain from such a situation what one can do is whether to buy an expensive highly equipped keyboard which has so many buttons already present on the board that there is no need to use the mouse and go to different programs, the keyboard simply performs the task immediately but the alternative for those not possessing such a key board is that they can simply click the right button of their mouse on the desktop where they can find the option of "New" go to that option and then in the newly displayed list there will be an option with name "Shortcut",

Just click this option and then the path of the required program which is to be given a short cut has to be written in the address box and the job is done. After this the computer will ask for choosing an icon and there one can select the desired icon and place that on the desktop and use that utility any time.

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