How to decide which version of Windows Vista is best for you?

If you are having trouble figuring out which version of Windows vista will suit your needs best, here are a few hot tips for you to get to know!.

  • Firstly you must know that there are mainly four versions of Vista available namely windows vista home premium, windows vista home basic, windows vista business and windows vista ultimate. Each version differs in price and features. Windows Vista Home Basic is available for $199 whereas Windows Vista premium is available at a standard price of $259; Windows Vista Business is priced at $299 and Windows Vista Ultimate at $319. Now with such a large variety to go about customers are often confused as to which version is best suitable to their needs. The secret is that it's not difficult at all!

  • You can simply go to the Microsoft website and download the upgrade advisor which is specifically programmed to check which versions are compatible with your pc and which programs if any require an upgrade. This is a crucial task involved in the process of installation of Vista, the best part about it is that it is quick and free of cost.

  • The next step involved is knowing exactly what you expect from your version of Vista. Whether it’s a new outlook, better speed or simply more adaptability by identifying your expectations or wants you can select your desired version a lot easier.

  • It is important to understand the features and components that make each version what it is. The Windows Vista Home Basic version is designed to give users an ease of use and with a few networking enhancements. Windows Vista Home Premium contains a variety of features not available in the home basic version, it is known to be ideal for laptops and computers at home because of features such as automatic file backup etc. Windows Vista Business as the name suggests is suitable for businesses of all sizes with features such as enhanced security, advanced mobile application and document sharing. Last but not least the Vista Ultimate version which combines together all the features of all the versions of Vista and is cleanly the paramount of all. If your system is compatible with it and you can easily afford it’s best for suiting all purposes in relation to the present day and the future.

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