How to Delete a System File in Windows 7 or vista

It has been noticed that in windows 7 or vista, user cannot delete or eradicate the system file from its computer. The reason is that all the system files are owned by the Trusted Installer and they do not allow and permit the user to remove them from their systems even they act as administrator.

But the users do not need to worry about it! There is an easy solution to this problem and users can with no trouble delete their files from their windows. They just have to take the full right of the particular files and can modify or alter them according to their own choice.

In order to delete a system file in windows 7 or vista user has to follow the particular command line. In the start menu search box, user first has to open up the administrator command prompt by entering “cmd” in that box. Along with typing he / she should press the amalgamation of the short keys i.e. Ctrl+Shift+Enter to carry out the process. To delete a particular file, user has to take the possession or right of that file. The user has to follow this command line: takeown /f C:WindowsSystem32en-USwinload.exe.mui to have full authority on the file that is going to be deleted from the system. Finally, the user should run the cacls command to have the full rights. User has to follow this command line to end this process: cacls C:WindowsSystem32en-USwinload.exe.mui /G geek: F. User can enter other username instead of Geek.

Hence, from the above technique user will surely be able to delete the system file from the windows 7 or vista. Suppose the method does not work so user need to reboot into Safe Mode and should attempt to try again and again until the required result does not take place.

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