How to disable sticky irritating keys in windows Vista and Windows 7

Sticky keys are those keys appear on the screen when some common questions from the user has to asks; like this is risky place do you want to continue. Sometimes these types of thing may irritate users which are busy in some other work and his/her works stops due to these types of things.

Windows vista and windows 7 allow there user to stop these thing and continue their other work without any hassle. 

Step to disable the sticky keys:

Just go to the control panel menu then from their select the “make the key board easy” option. There will be many options from that “make the key board easy” window un check the “turn on sticky key” radio button. Then after that click on the “setup filters” links which is appearing on the bottom of that window. From setup filters window check the “turn on keys when right shift is pressed for 8 seconds” and also check the radio button from the list of warning named “display a warning message when turning a setting on” and second is “make a sound when turning the setting on or off”. This processes will be enough to disable the sticky keys which may irritate but if any user want to set the short cut to turn them on again the process of this will add one single step in the above process just check the “lock modifier key when twice in a row or more” radio button. According to the last step the sticky keys are automatically turns on when user press the shift key five times in a row or more. This feature gives the irritating free corridor for working on the multi windows.


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