How to disable the User Account Control UAC in windows vista and 7

User Accounts Control is the default control account which exist is almost every window made by the Microsoft. Basically accounts are made for the protection of the data of the users and their default settings are enough to secure and ensure the safety to the user. There is also an option of setting the password on the account to further save the data from the others user on the machine. 

Disabling the UAC is a bad practice because after disabling it the endurance of the data security will be removed from the windows.

 Step of disabling in the windows vista:

Go to the control panel option from there select the “turn user account control (UAC) on or off” then the next window will be opened from that un check the option “user account control (UAC) to help to protect your system” then click on ok and your UAC is disabled in window vista.

Steps of disabling the UAC in the windows 7:

Step in window 7 is slightly different as compare to the windows vista. 

Go to the control panel then from there select the “change user accounts settings” and then new window of the setting will appear on the screen. User can see the bar like the sound bar which depicts that how much user want to disable the system security of UAC. Drag the bar to the lower side as your bar is coming to the lower position your accounts security or protection from the windows is also going low. If you fully drag the bar to the lower end the security of the system of that account is fully disabled. Then click ok button and the UAC is disabled at that limit which the user has been setup.


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