How to Disable This Page has an Unspecified Potential Security Risk when Using Files on Network Share

 It is odd though that whenever we right click on a particular file, we use to get a very annoying and irksome pop-up message from the windows that “this page has an unspecified potential security risk, would you like to continue?” Further it gets more frustrating and worse when the user pull and drop files from a specific network share and another pop-up message emerge from the windows asking “Do you want to move or copy files from this zone?” This has become highly annoying for the users and is creating a lot of interruption, very annoying indeed!

 The reason is that the users are getting this error because local network has not been appropriately detected by the windows and they are making assumptions that the precautionary measures need to be taken.

In order to put off and avoid scoundrel websites and applications, a defensive measure has been taken, while going through this scheme, a UNC path get passed as a link to run a particular request but windows will then notice that a UNC path is not part of user’s local network, and this action will immediately inform the user before any risky thing happens. Although this safekeeping method is absolutely and undeniably highly bothersome but it is extremely required.

This problem can be fixed. The user needs to open up Internet explorer and click tools than internet options. After this by clicking the Security tab, user will click on the “Local intranet” icon, and then click on the “Trusted Sites” button. After selecting the default level, the user is going to set the allowed levels for the particular zone to low. Then click the Sites and type the path to the server where the files are located. Finally clicking OK on the internet properties dialog box, the user gets rid from this pop-up message when using files on network share.

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