How to Disable Win+X Shortcut Key on Windows 7 and Vista

Shortcut keys in windows 7 and vista has their own tag and label. These keys improve the efficiency and output of the work performs by the user. Both these windows boost up the wide variety of shortcuts to carve a convenient and suitable path for its users. Like by using Win+Home, it clears all but the active window. Win+Up arrow maximizes the active window and through Win+ (+/-), we can zoom in and out.

But many users are now facing a problem regarding these keys and they really want to disable it. According to them, they can quickly close files by using the mouse instead of using shortcut keys on the keyboard. It really takes a lot of time but the users do not have to worry! Here is the scheme of one of the shortcut key i.e. Win+X to immobilize and halt it.

Here exists a very simple and easy method through which the users can without difficulty get rid and free from the Win+X shortcut key in windows 7 and vista. Users have to do a manual registry hack which is relatively and fairly simple. Firstly, in the start menu, you just have to type in regedit.exe and than by browsing the key to the following address bar:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplorer. User has to generate the key if is not present. After browsing, download the registry hack. To disable this feature, open the file and double click on the NoWinKeys.reg file, this will automatically immobilize that particular shortcut key. But if the user wants this action to perform and execute again, he/she than has to open that file and double click on the RestoreWinKeys.reg file to re-start the shortcut key to carry out its function. After going through all this process, it is compulsory for the user to log off so that he/she may notice and detect the result.

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