How to Disable Window Vista Built in CD/ DVD Burning Features

The built in CD/DVD burning feature only burns up the particular files and folders that has been selected with a recordable visual force. This feature does not provide the facility to make nay kind of slide shows, audios, videos etc. Many users want to disable it and want to use some other source like Nero which provides better and high quality performance.

Through download registry hack, we can get free from this feature. After downloading, user double clicks on the DisableCDBurning.reg file to enter the desired information. When this burning feature gets disabled, then the button know as Burn that shows on the toolbar of the windows explorer, it gets hidden and fade away.

Here is another scheme through which you can disable this burning feature. Firstly, in the start search menu, type gpedit.msc. Navigating to the Local Group Policy, User Configuration, Administrative Templates and then Windows Components, user choose windows explorer. On the very right side of the panel, you have to double click on the Remove CD burning features. Finally, you have to set the value to Enabled to bring to an end this action and then click ok.

Suppose the user does not possess a group police editor. In this case, users have to do a manual registry hack which is quite and somewhat simple. Firstly, in the start menu, you just have to type in regedit.exe and than browse the key to the following address bar: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplorer. After this, user has to generate a new-fangled 32-bit DWORD value with a name: NoCDBurning and present it a value of 1. User than has to log off and return to see that whether the method works or not. If the user wants to re-enable it, than remove that particular key and present it a value of 0.

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