How to Disable Windows Sidebar in Window Vista

Almost everyone wants to get rid from this hopeless and unimpressive feature i.e. windows sidebar in window vista. Quite simple methods have been introduced which surely come up with possible solutions in order to disable it and will surely not discourage the users!

Here comes the 1st method to disable windows sidebar. Firstly, on the taskbar, you have to right click on the windows sidebar icon. If you want to put out of this action for short term period than click Exit. But for longer term, click on the Properties. On the dialog box, Windows Sidebar Properties will get visible; unchecking the Start Sidebar when window starts, click OK. Finally, the user has to right click on the icon again and choose Exit to get away from this worthless feature.
Here comes another method through download! It is basically done through registry. User has to download Disable_Windows_Sidebar.reg file. After saving this .reg file on the desktop, right click on it and choose the option Merge. For security warning alerts, click on the Run button. To continue this process, say yes and OK whenever the computer is going to ask from you. Finally, you can remove that file from the desktop, the one that you have downloaded it.

The manual system also helps us in removing the windows sidebar. It is a manual registry hack which is quite simple. Firstly, in the start menu, you just have to type in regedit.exe and than by browsing the key to the following address bar: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesWindows. After this, user has to generate a new-fangled 32-bit DWORD value. After typing Turn off Sidebar and pressing enter, user than has to right click on it i.e. turn off sidebar and chose modify. User has to present it a value of 1 and than by clicking OK; user gets liberated from this useless feature.

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