How to Display my Computer Icon on the Desktop in Windows 7 or Vista

On the screen of the computer, you see an icon known as the computer icon. On of the major function and purpose of the icon is to help and guide the users to perform their functions and tasks. Sometimes, there comes a situation when the computer icon gets miss from the desktop of the user or is not displayed on the screen of the computer. This creates a problem for the users. Majority of the users are in favor of having this icon right on their desktop. Current version of windows does not have this application by default any longer so there is a want to solve this hitch!

Here comes a trouble free and straight forward procedure to place the computer icon on the desktop. Firstly, user has to click the start button which is appear on the left most bottom end and then chooses the option Computer by right clicking. Then, in the menu, click the “Show on Desktop” and then finally your computer icon will be there on your desktop, as simple as that!

There is also another exceptionally reliable and uncomplicated method which can capture and draws the attention of the users. Firstly, user has to right click on the desktop and select Personalize. Then on the very left hand side of the screen, click on “Change Desktop Icons”. By going through this smooth and even course of action, user gets my computer icon on his / her desktop.

Both these methods are quite and rather simple. They obviously do not take a lot of time and user gets done with his / her task and succeeds in having the desired icon on its desktop without going through any registration, downloading etc. As we know that the present windows do not have this application so the user has to adopt and take up one of the above methods to fulfill their desire!

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