How to Fix 10 Biggest Windows Annoyances

First biggest annoyance is that whenever the user installs a large number of applications then the context menu messed up and gives an ugly picture. Through the simple registry hack process, this problem can be solved. Secondly, sometimes, windows update involuntarily restarts the computer even the applications are running on the system. This action looses all the information that the user has stored. Simply, hijacking the sleep button will stop the windows update to reboot again.

Thirdly, the sounds of the windows and that of the explorer are highly annoying. It can be disabled through the settings of windows. There is also another trouble faced by the users that they have to type the password every time when they operate their system. It can be solved by simply check or mark the box named by login automatically. Also the Caps Lock Key is of no use for the users. They hardly utilize it. Users can disable it by changing the settings.

Users can easily get free from the internet explorer by disabling it and going through a simple registry process. They can either use Fire fox or Chrome. Although these filter keys have its own unique features but some of the users might not need it. They can deactivate it by alter the settings of their system. It has also been noticed that users are now exhausted by using Aero Snap, Aero Shake, or Aero Peek.  They can immobilize them turning this feature off.

Program Compatibility Assistant is a dialog box that always pop-up in the screen asking from the user whether they want to install this particular program. It can be disabled by confining the settings of pop-up messages. Lastly, User Account Control (UAC) is highly bothersome. It can be removed by producing a short cut that limits these UAC pop-up messages.

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