How to Install and Remove Windows Vista

Windows Vista is a smart, sleek and stylish GUI but in case you happen to find it slow or whatever the reason may be, Here are the steps to get rid of it so you can install.

  • Put the Original cd into the disk drive. Also don’t forget to have the Activation Key ready.

  • Restart your PC with the cd in it. Let the computer Start-up.

  • The Computer will automatically boot up from the CD (this is normal) and enter the Activation key when prompted for it.

  • The Setup will commence and you will be presented with a list of instructions which when followed will lead you through the installation. The time required for installation depends on your computers specifications.

  • After the installation is complete, you can install any other software's like vlc, Fire-fox etc.

 How to Remove Windows Vista from Your Computer

  • Before you do anything, back-up all the things that you need like pictures, Songs or important documents you might have.

  • Put the original cd of windows Vista in your CD-Rom and boot it up. Let the PC load up.

  • When the computer loads up, choose the option which will format the hard disk. Be sure that you have everything you'll need from your files.

  • If you want to remove specific programs, you'll have to go to the add/remove programs tab in the control panel and choose what you want to remove.

Things to Watch Out For!

  • Doing this won't actually un-install Windows Vista as a program in un-installed but a different OS such as Linux needs to be selected to achieve this result. That will overwrite Windows Vista. If you install another version of Windows, it won't write over your files that were stored on Windows Vista. Instead, it will give you the option to import them into the new operating system. Still, it is always a good idea to back up all your files before making any major changes to your computer.
  • The main drive which includes the Windows folder (C :/) cannot be configured.
  • By doing these acts, one should keep in mind that all the files, pictures, songs etc will be erased and proper back-up of required items should be ready.

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