How to Install and Setup Windows Home Server

Microsoft have launched many versions of the windows vista. One of them is the Home server. Home server pack of the vista is for those user who have not perform the techquenical tasks and have all watch movies, listen music and surfing on net and perform some work which is not heavy one.

There is the proper way written in this article in which we will tell you that how user can install the windows home server pack on his or her machine and then can use it.

Steps to install the windows vista home server pack on computer:

First step in to insert the CD into the appropriate drive so that the computer can read that and allow you to perform the task. After reading, computer will opens up the installing wizard through which you can install that window. Then follow the wizard.

After clicking on the first next the wizard will ask you that in which language you want in which instruction will given to you and in which the operating system will be saved and do the work in future. Then select the language and click the next. Now this is the time of making portions and also select the drive in which the operating system should be stored. After making the partitions and all the task click on the load drives button. The drives are partition according to the space of saving on the hard drive.

Then select the type of installations means that if you are installing the new windows then select the “new installation” otherwise there are the option of covering the old windows. Then agree with the making policy and then gives the product key of the windows vista home server pack. Then write the name of the server and then check the message according to the requirements. Then click on start button so that the procedure will be started. Then just follow the simple wizard and select the things according to the requirement and need.

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