How to Install IIS on Windows 7 or Vista

Internet Information Services (IIS) is one of the remarkable applications that provide the user each and every detailed information and description about the websites, browsers, network connections etc. One of the main features of IIS includes is to authorize the URL. This application is highly adopted by multiple users and is getting remarkable response.

One thing should be kept in mind that when the user installs windows 7 or vista, this particular application i.e. IIS does not come along with it. User has to install it with the elective features if he / she want IIS to be in his / her system.

In order to install or download IIS on windows 7 or vista, there is a reliable process which has to be passed by the users. Firstly, user has to go to the Control Panel and then choose to pick out the option Programs. After wards, user will see a link on the screen of their computer named by “Turn Windows features on or off”. User has to turn on the features of the windows. User will notice that if he / she are going to enlarge and swell the Internet Information Services that under these services, there is large and wide range of options.

Obviously, user wants to go through each and every option and wants to know each and every detail about its feature but time will surely come after installing it! After going through all this process and scheme, user has to mark or check the particular items that he / she wants. After clicking on the OK button, user will then observe a dialog box emerging on the screen. He then has to navigate and browse to the local host to start downloading IIS. After installation, user then can enjoy its features and services provided by it.

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