How to lock the keyboard with a keyboard shortcut

Keyboard is the input device which is normally used to input the data in every computerized device. Due to the enhancement of the technology the touch key pad or the keyboard are introduced in the market and due to that the demand of the typically keyboards are show downward in almost every market of the world.

Disabling the keyboard is very easy in the Microsoft products.

Step involve in disabling the keyboard though the shortcuts:

First go to the start menu button and from that select the all programs. From the all programs search the start up folder and once it found; right click on it and select the “explore” option from that and go into the explore window of the startup folder. In that window right click on the blank space so that some options will appear, select the short cuts menu. Now the user is in the short cut windows click on the browse button so that you start to make its own short cut about anything. Now you see the first step of the wizard, there will be the box on which is written put the address of the item. Basically it is asking for the address where you want to save the short cut, put your desired address according to your space. Then the next windows will appears in which is written write the name of the shortcut there write “keyboard locker” click the finish button now your short cut is ready. Click on it will give some options follow the instruction carefully to lock the device because the enabling procedure is as same as the disabling. Some keys will still work even the key board is locked which are the shortcuts like shift+ctrl+del etc…..

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