How to make Windows Vista appear like XP

A lot of XP users are unable to handle or get used to the new look of Vista ,with its flashy appearance and  heavy load on your PC.

How to Get the Start Button Back

  • Turn on your computer (Make sure you plug the computer in).

  • When the computer has loaded and the desktop is in-front of you, right click the desktop and go to Personalize option.

  • When the window has opened double click the Theme button.

  • Scroll down the drop-down box and choose the "Windows Classic" button and wait.

  • Click the Apply button to save the settings. You will notice that your desktop will

How to Get the old Start Menu Back

  • Select the Properties options in the pop up menu.

  • Next you need to go to the start menu button in the Properties window.

  • Then you should click on the radio button.

  • go on and  Click on Customize to change the start menu to make it the way you want it to look like.

How to make it all seem like Xp Again

  • You need to Right click on the Star tab.

  • Then select Properties.

  • Next select the Start Menu button.

  • Then Click on the radio button.

  • Press the Customize button.

  • Now you need to click on the Use Default Settings button. This will change your Start Menu to the original Windows Vista Start Menu. Then click on OK.

  • Click Apply to save changes.

How to switch back to the Vista look

  • Click the start button and select Personalize.

  • Then Double-Click the Theme option.

  • Click on Windows Vista from the drop down menu.

  • Select Apply and the Vista theme will return.

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